Listed below are each class along with a "General Updates" and even a "Media" channel to help facilitate and make everyone's life easier along with making our shows so much smoother and cleaner for you the racer and the fans in the stands not wanting to hear classes called to the lanes repeatedly all day long. I recommend signing up for General Updates along with your classes of choice to receive series wide news, weather updates (because let's be honest, what's PDRA without that, and any other just general news across all classes).

Step 1: Download WhatsApp Messenger on your phone, it is FREE.

Step 2: Click the group links below that you want to get notifications for and they will push through on your phone like a text message as long as you have notifications turned ON for WhatsApp.

Once you're in, you're in! We have these locked down so only admins can make posts in the groups so it does not become a free-for-all.

The goal is to continue to make PDRA the best series on the planet and create a smoother and better experience for everyone involved. Our promise has always been to learn from mistakes or shortcomings and continue to get better each day out and this is the first step of 2023 in doing just that. Sign up today and spread the word to your team members and other racer friends.

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